Thursday, June 4, 2020
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The artist presented his work

The exhibition of the famous Greek artist Janis Kyriakidis is taking place at Zhubanov University. He gave the world of art more than 2,000 creations made in different techniques. This – woodcut, watercolor, may, linocut, etching, and lithography. His works are exhibited in the State Museum of Greece, in the city museum of Akrat, in the modern art museum of the city of Menzolongi, in the museums of Athens, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belgorod, Turkey, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland, China, the USA and other countries.

Today, the leadership of the university has gathered to admire the art of the artist in the lobby of the Students’ Palace.

“This is my first visit and the first exhibition in Aktobe city. The peculiarity of this exhibition is that all the works exhibited here are made in the style of painting and graphics with particular precision. I also made sure that Aktobe is a city where people understand art, because there are a lot of people visiting the exhibition. It is also gratifying that there are a lot of young people among them. Thank you all and good luck,”said the artist in his speech. He also thanked the leadership of University for their support in organizing the exhibition, presented the university with all his works.

Rector of Zhubanov University Bauyrzhan Erdembekov, noting the importance of such exhibitions in the formation and upbringing of the young generation, wished the artist creative success and presented him with memorable gifts.

It is worth noting that the exhibition of artist Janis Kyriakidi at Zhubanov University will continue until the end of next month.