Saturday, April 4, 2020
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An offsite exhibition of “Abay Studies” research center took place in the city of Khromtau

The workshop “Major Factor of Quality Education is Support of Continuity of Training Updating” took place in the branch of Kazakh Literature department, located on the basis of Khromtau gymnasium No. 6. During the seminar an offsite exhibition of “Abay Studies” research center was organized.

The main objective of the seminar is exchange of experience of methodologists of the University and regional schools, by means of performance of practical works on realization of changes in the course of estimation, theoretical study guides in the program and the technique of transition to the updated content of education.

87 teachers from 25 schools of Khromtau District participated in the seminar. The senior lecturer of Kazakh Literature department, Master G.S. Obayeva and the teacher of Kazakh and literature of Khromtau gymnasium No. 6 of A.S. Spanova carried out a coaching on the subject “Ways of Realization the

Pupils’ Skills of Works with the Text in the course of Training in the Subject “Kazakh Language and Literature” in 5-7 grades”. 23 teachers participated in this action.

Also senior teachers of “Kazakh Language and Literature” department B.B. Aliyev and G.S. Obayeva spoke about exhibits, about books of the research center and gave information on the topic “Science of Abay Studies and the direction of spiritual renovation”. The work of the exhibition attracted great interest of the participants to the research center.

Actions of such kind certainly will positively influence the professional orientation work of the University.

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