Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Applicants take the creative exams

While some entrants have passed the documents for admission to the university and are waiting for the beginning of the school year, others prove their abilities in creative exams. Today exams for those wishing to study in the specialties “Choreography”, “Music education”, “Visual art, artistic work, graphics and design”, “Physical culture and sport” have begun.

In the classrooms of the Palace of youth admission Committee of experienced teachers of the Department “Music education and choreography” of the faculty of Professional and Creative looked about 50 students, 14 of whom enter the specialty “Choreography”.  “First of all, we look at natural data and creativity.  Applicants are absolutely diverse: there are prepared with the base, there are those that are just fond of dancing and really want to try themselves. In any case, people come to us purposefully, because they know our University and teachers as the founders of choreography in Aktobe”, – said Gulnara Mambetova honored artist of Kazakhstan, senior lecturer of the Department “Music education and choreography”.

In the specialty “Music education” today entrance exams passed 36 students, some of whom, like other future students of the professional and creative faculty, will be able to study at a discount.  Zhubanov University annually holds a subject Olympiad in creative specialties, the results of which selects gifted young people. Upon admission, they have advantages and a discount on training from 25 to 50%. So, for example, Ayazan  Sergali – winner of the Olympic games, which today passed the exam on the vocals, for admission to the University will study with a 35% discount. “I think that professional music education is very important, especially since I have the opportunity to study for less money. I really want to do”, – said the girl.

Parents came to support the future students. “My daughter Guldana played the dombra from the first grade. She is very close to music, so she chose a profession related to music. We specially came from Baikonur, the daughter herself chose the University, wanted to do it here»,- shared Shakizada Nauanova.

The creative examinations will be held for a few days. On specialties “Musical education” and “Choreography” they will last until July 10, “Physical education and sport” – until July 11, applicants wishing to enter the specialty “Design” will show their abilities on July 10-12.