Saturday, April 4, 2020
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The professional and creative faculty admission of examinations continues

On July 9, creative examinations began for applicant wishing to study visual art, art work and design. For 35 future students the first exam task was drawing with a pencil, the second – painting. According to the senior teacher of the member of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan Zhanibek Esengulov, possession of the basic skills of drawing is the most important part of the process of training a qualified specialist in visual art. They are the basis for the development of students of computer graphics and 3D modeling, which are professionally taught at the faculty.

Department of “Fine arts and professional training” every year complements and modifies educational programs in connection with new technologies and market requirements. “In drawing up the educational programs we take into account the views and requirements of employers, we draw attention to foreign programs, hold an annual exchange of students, only this year our students were trained in Turkey, came to us teachers and students from Bulgaria, Russia, China,” – said the head of the Department of Mergenbay Turgambekov.

These days also pass exams for 84 students at the Department of “Design” of professional and creative faculty, which trains specialists in the following areas: “Visual and architectural design”, “Visual, media and graphic design”, “Visual design and fashion”. Until July 12, future students-designers will show their abilities in drawing and fine arts.