Friday, September 20, 2019
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Seeing the happy eyes of children and knowing that we are involved in this is a great happiness…

The staff of the University Zhubanov made a feast for the children of the city Arys and helped to get the children to school.

Since July 15 in Aktobe health camp “Shugyla” resting about 100 children aged 7 to 14 years from Arys.  Continuing the action “Arys, we are with you” to support children affected by a man-made accident, the University staff organized a holiday. Invited animators entertained the little ones, arranged competitions and quizzes. Under the fiery music guys staged dance battles and compete in agility. It should be noted that along with the children actively solve puzzles and even danced the Vice-rectors and other employees of the University who, which at the time weakened the ties and forget about the serious work.

“We didn’t just want to come and give charity aid,and to arrange to children a holiday that they are distracted and have some fun.Children, first of all, need attention.To see the happy eyes of children and to know that we are involved in this is a great happiness,” – shared the Chairman of the trade Union Committee of the University Zhubanova Olga Sultangalieva.

In the event of a large Republican campaign “Road to school”, the purpose of which is to help schoolchildren from needy and large families, children-orphans and children left without parental care in preparation for the new academic year, the University of  Zhubanova 100 the children were presented with school supplies.They were purchased with funds from the endowment fund “Zhubanov zhyluyi” and volunteer club “Umitiniz  yzilmesin”. As the Vice-rector for social and educational work Nurzhan Berdybayev stressed, in addition to today’s charity event for children from the city of Arys, the University annually provides assistance to needy families, including in preparing children for school. “This year we will also continue to work on social support within the framework of the “Road to school” campaign. For example, our volunteer club is already working with specific families, learn how to help, by the new school year this assistance will be provided,” the Vice-rector said.

Rеcall that every year in all regions of the country from August 1 to September 30 hold a charity event “Road to school”. According to the MES, in 2018 more than 300 thousand children received financial assistance in the amount of 2 billion 822 million 846 thousand tenge. Since this year, on behalf of the head of state Kasym-Zhomart-Tokayev, the format of the action has been changed: now it will continue all year round.

During the holiday in the camp “Shugyla” children were able to eat sweets and take pictures with their favorite cartoon characters.