Sunday, May 31, 2020
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The head of the University participated in discussion of the President’s Address

The rector of the Zhubanov University Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov made a report to the regional asset chaired by Governor of Aktobe region of Ondasyn Orazalin, with the participation of the state inspector of Department of state control and organizational and territorial work of administration of the President of Kazakhstan Zhaisan Akhmetov. The agenda includes discussion of President Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev’s Address to the nation of Kazakhstan “Constructive public dialogue-the basis of stability and prosperity of Kazakhstan”.

In his speech, Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov noted that the University fully supports the initiatives of the President. He drew the attention of the audience to the fact that the points relating to the sphere of higher education are already being actively implemented in the University. The rector, supporting the statements of the Head of state on the need to create equal opportunities for people with special needs, stressed that in the center for children’s development “Zerek”, students of the pedagogical faculty, along with other educational processes, are engaged with a group of children with speech defects.

The Message of Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev says about increasing funding for the program with a “Diploma to the village”, which is an incentive for the development of the village and rural schools. The rector informed the participants of the discussion on the introduction of the University of new dual educational programs (Mathematic-Informatics, Mathematics-Physics, Physics-Informatics, Chemistry-Biology, History-Religious studies, Geography-History), allowing to compensate for the lack of subject teachers, as well as specialties “Kazakh, Russian language and literature” and “Russian Philology” preparing for missing teachers of the Russian language. Specialists with such a diploma can teach in small schools in remote villages.

In addition, Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov focused on the issues of vocational guidance. “Career guidance work in cities and districts should be conducted not only by the University itself, but begin with 8 or 9 classes, both subject teachers, class teachers, and parents themselves, who should play an important role in the choice of a child’s profession, so that in the future the specialty was in demand in the market,” the rector said. On the basis of Zhubanov University opened the

Center for professional development and career, which is one of five national centers helps to find a job graduates.

As you know, the President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev announced the upcoming strengthening of the role of the Kazakh language. In this regard, the rector of the Zhubanov University noted that Scientific-research center “Zhybanovtanu” when the University implements a number of projects in the framework of the development of scientific and technical language, determining the technocratic paradigm of the Kazakh language and the development of texts in the new technological process.

Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov spoke about the celebration of the anniversary of Abay, proposing to organize a major expedition at the regional level under the name “From Aktobe To Abay”.

During asset also heard the reports of deputies, representatives of education, health, law and order etc.