Saturday, April 4, 2020


Today at the enlarged meeting of the academic Council of the Zhubanov University summed up the last academic year and shared objectives for the 2019-2020. For the first time meeting of this type took place in open mode, not only for invited guests, staff and students of the University, but for everyone. The video stream was available in real time.

One of the main indicators of the University this year was the growth of the rating. According to the Independent Agency of accreditation and rating Zhubanov University today ranks 4th among the best universities in Kazakhstan. There is also an increase in the number of educational programs, taking into account the requirements of the market and current trends (72 bachelor’s degree, 40 – master’s and 6 — doctoral). The rector of K. Zhubanov ARSU Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov told about what helped to achieve such results.

In his report, Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov focused attention of listeners on the increase the owners of sign “Altyn belgi” honors and prize winners of competitions among the students of the Zhubanov University, which speaks to its relevance. The number of medalists” Altyn belgi”, received this year, increased from 128 to 180 people. The number of students of Zhubanov University today is about 15.5 thousand, including masters, doctoral students, and students of higher College. Bauyrzhan Amangeldyevich stressed that about 9,5 thousand students study on grants, have discounts on training and receive scholarships. Moreover, each of the students who will prove themselves in the learning process, can apply for scholarships and grants named after Kudaibergen Zhubanov.

The main thing for young people, according to the rector, is the choice of profession, which they often choose unconsciously, and then do not want to work in the specialty. To address this issue, the University opened a center for professional development and career, which conducts career guidance and helps with the employment of graduates: “There are not enough subject teachers in the region. To eliminate the shortage of personnel, we have introduced double specialties, prepare missing teachers on the educational program “Kazakh, Russian languages and literature”, in addition, we cooperate with regional, city departments of education, schools. In order to strengthen this work in the coming months, the

startup project “Zhubanov kerueni”, which experts will go to areas. We hope that these complex projects will include not empty propaganda, and lectures, the work of the branches at school, various competitions among students, advice on preparation for UNT, joint seminars, round tables, joint training manuals according to the updated curriculum, such work between school and University will decide a number of problematic issues”, – said Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov.

According to the head of the University, much attention is paid to improving the quality of education: regular checks and ratings among faculties and departments, increasing the average score of GPA students, inviting specialists from foreign universities to teach, implementing trilingualism programs. “In order to introduce trilingual education in our University is trained in 6 educational programs (physics, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, biology, defectology). Since the beginning of the new academic year, the educational program “Pre – School education and upbringing” will also be included in the system of multilingual education,” the rector noted.

Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov’s report included such important points of strategic development of Zhubanov University as academic mobility for students and teachers, double-diploma education, international cooperation with universities in Poland, Russia, Turkey, Korea, China, the activities of language courses and laboratories, research activities of teachers and students, attracting young professionals, digitalization of the University and much more.

Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov also elaborated on issues related to production. Today there are 88 branches of departments on the basis of production facilities and educational institutions, cooperation with more than 600 enterprises and organizations of the region, conducting practical training on the bases of 53 enterprises in the framework of dual training and organization of paid practical training.

During the meeting was paid attention to new projects of the Zhubanov University (center of development of children “Zerek”, Children’s University, mobile application “SmartARSU”), anti-corruption and volunteering in the framework of the projects “Sanaly Urpak”, “Zhubanov zhyluy”, social work in supporting students and the provision of places in hostels, to improve the material-technical base of the University, the opening of new facilities such as football field, the Avenue of youth with a LED screen, the alley named after N. Bayganin, updated sports complexes and others.

At the end of the report Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov introduced the main strategic course, facing the University in the new academic year: the transition to a non-profit joint-stock company, increasing the number of innovative programs, participation in international rankings and programs, the strengthening of social support of employees of the University, etc. The head of the University thanked the partners, teachers and students for collaboration.

At the academic Council was also addressed by Vice-rector for academic Affairs of Bibigul Abenova, head of the Department “History and religion” Gulbanu Izbasarova, Director of the Center for international cooperation Gulzhan Shokym, and the young teacher of technical faculty of Aidana Kuantai and a student activist of the 4th course of the faculty “Economics and law” Aliaskar Otarbay thanked the rector and spoke about his desire to do everything for the development of the University and ready to implement new projects.

Chairman of regional branch of Public Association “Sovet mira i soglasiya” veteran Keldibay Esmagambetov assured that the Zhubanov University and Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov in particular makes a large contribution to the development of education of Kazakhstan.

The meeting was attended by the head of Aktobe regional branch of the NGO “Sovet mira i soglasiya RK” Keldibay Esmagambetov, Chairman of the Aktobe regional Council of veterans Kenes Birmanov, businessman Roman Rakhimov, Chairman of the sports-Patriotic club “Er Bakyt” Marat Koilubaev, poet, publicist Meirhan Akdauletuly, Director of the Aktobe regional branch of the National testing center “Orleu” Nurgul Abisheva, media representatives, teaching staff, students, masters, doctoral students of the University. The reporting meeting was also watched online by students and teachers of all faculties.