Sunday, May 31, 2020


Today, students of Zhubanov University met with representatives of the largest companies in the field of extraction and processing of natural resources.

Future specialists in the field of mining, metallurgy, mineral processing, chemical engineering, chemical technology of inorganic substances and organic substances got acquainted with the activities of the company “ERG”.

The Eurasian Group manages the following ERG production assets in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan: TNK Kazchrom, Sokolov-Sarbay mining and processing production Association (SSGPO), Aluminum of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan electrolysis plant (KAZ), Eurasian energy Corporation (EEC), Shubarkol Komir, LLP “TransCom”, “3-Energoortalyk” and ERG Service-large enterprises of the country, which together make a significant contribution to the economy of Kazakhstan.

During the meeting, the head of mining and processing production of JSC ” TNK “Kazchrome” Nurlan Sarinzhipov told about the company’s work, prospects, as well as that “Kazchrome” is interested in young talented personnel who are trained by the University of Zhubanov. “Among the employees of our company there are a lot of graduates of Zhubanov University who are involved in the production and occupy key positions, for example, the Director of the Aktobe Ferroalloy plant Zhalgas Musabekov,” noted Nurlan Sarinzhipov.

Manager of the center for career management of LLP “Eurasian Group” Arai Akhmetzhanova introduced students to the brand and talked about the opportunities which have future professionals.

In addition, the Center for professional development and career for students of 2-4 courses and undergraduates of educational programs: “Mining”, “Oil and Gas”, “Chemical technology of inorganic substances”, “Chemical technology of organic substances”, “Ecology”, “Biology”, “Physics”, “Mathematics”, “Information systems” organized a meeting with representatives of the company “Kazenergy”.

Association “Kazenergy” brings together more than 80 major players in the oil and gas and energy sector, including mining and transport, service and geophysical, uranium and other multinational companies. Working closely with government agencies, business representatives and public structures, contributes to the sustainable development of oil and gas and energy complexes of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At the meeting, the Executive Director of the Association “Kazenergy” Lyazzat Akhmurzina told the students about the grants: “for 11 years we have been holding a Youth forum to support our Kazakh youth who are interested in exact technical Sciences, we allocate scholarships and grants (this year 705 grants were allocated, 19 of them were received by students of Zhubanov University). All this is done because today there are more and more requirements for young people who would be able to bring the country’s economy to a higher level”, — said Lyazzat Akhmurzina.

In addition, the Association “Kazenergy” regularly holds competitions for students. It should be noted that in one of these competitions the team of Zhubanov University “24element” reached the final and was twice invited to seminars and forums in Astana.

According to the representatives of “Kazenergy” company , on September 24 the acceptance of documents for a new competition for students began, the winners of which will be able to pass an internship in one of the largest oil companies in Kazakhstan. Read more about the conditions on the website

Vice-rector for science and innovation K. Zhubanov ARSU Rakhym Beknazarov expressed support for initiatives and joint work.