Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Two specialized classrooms formally opened at K. Zhubanov University today

Descendants of historic figures, heads of local akimat, and representatives of the regional intelligentsia, the teaching staff and students of the University took part in the opening of specialized classrooms of Kabak Aytuly and Tleu Aytuly. The purpose of opening of the classrooms is propaganda among the youth of the life of our fellow countrymen who showed heroism and courage for the benefit of the nation.

Rector of K. Zhubanov University, professor B.A. Erdembekov was the first to address the audience, “Dear guests, colleagues, today we are opening specialized classrooms of the historic figures Kabak Aytuly and Tleu Aytuly. We should not separate them as they fought together side by side for the Motherland, for the unity of the Kazakh people. Both of them heroically died in the battlefield. Opening these classrooms, we acquaint the younger generation with the great people of our nation who made and are still making a contribution to the development of the country. If the people know and honor the names of the heroes, the memory of them will live, and we will turn our country into the eternal state the President N.A. Nazarbayev spoke about in “Mangilik el” Patriotic act “. The rector also expressed gratitude to “Kabak Baba” public fund which gave material support in opening of these classrooms, shared the plans for the future.

The honorary citizen of Aktobe region Smattulla Berkimbayev thanked the management of the University for being honored, and spoke about the life of Kabak Aytuly and Tleu Aytuly. The chairman of “Kabak Baba” public fund Amantay Umbetaiuly handed “Kabak Aytuly” medals  to the people who made a big contribution to the promotion of Kabak Baba historic figure on behalf of the fund. Rector of K. Zhubanov University B.A. Erdembekov and the head of the Design department B.M. Momenov were awarded too.

The ribbon at opening of the classrooms was cut by Doctor of Philosophy, professor A. Aytaly and the scientist-historian, the famous person Zakraddin Baydosov.

The dean of the Profesiional and Creative faculty S.S. Mukhtarov, spoke about the life and feats of the batyrs in brief and gave an excursion round the new classrooms.

The action proceeded with a gala concert.