Friday, February 21, 2020
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International Forum on the quality of education in universities of Kazakhstan

Today, at Zhubanov University was held the grand opening of an international forum on the theme “Management for Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Kazakhstan” with the participation of leading experts from Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Turkey, China, Korea, Estonia, Germany. Among them was representatives of 25 universities of

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Master Classes of Korean Scientists

As part of the academic mobility program, scientists from Korea arrived at Zhubanov University. Within 2 weeks they will give lectures, conduct master classes for students of physical and mathematical and technical faculties. Mr. Te-Kuk-Kim – professor, specialist, the dean of Tomeon University, Pussan city, graduated with a master’s degree in Mobile

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Master class of Moscow professor

Today, Professor of Moscow State Art and Industry Academy named after S.G. Stroganova Larisa Zhelondievskaya conducted a master class for teachers of the “Design” department of the professional-creative faculty. The master class was held on the topic "Modern design technologies of visual communications." The professor shared her work experience and told

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