Friday, June 2, 2023
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Undertakings in the sphere of IT technologies were discussed at a methodical seminar

Today a methodical seminar on the topic “Innovative Methods in Education System and IT Technologies” organized by Physics and Mathematics Faculty together with the Technical Faculty took place at K. Zhubanov University.

About 40 professors and lecturers participated in the seminar where they mastered innovative methods in the education system. Participants of the seminar attended the exhibition devoted to the achievements of the faculty lecturers.

“Issues of innovative methods in the education system, questions of IT technology are very important nowadays. Any higher educational institution tries to work in compliance with these requirements. Therefore the matter is of special importance and is supported by the University. The seminar was organized in consideration of all these factors” – said the dean of Physics and Mathematics Faculty, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, associate professor Hasen Toktarovich Utarov at the opening of the seminar.

The deputy dean of the Technical Faculty for links with production and research work Erbol Kuatbayuly shared experience of the faculty in the sphere of innovative methods in the education system and IT technologies.

Senior lecturers of Physics and Mathematics Faculty Zh.K. Ubayeva and A.A. Zhumagulova shared their best practices with the participants of the seminar on the topic “Organization of reception and transfer of tasks of independent works on the discipline in the online mode “. Senior lecturer of the Technical Faculty E.P. Kotik made a report “On the use of simulators at practical classes in special subjects of “Oil and gas business”specialty of the Technical Faculty.

Associate professor A.K. Zhubayev made a report on the use of IT technologies, and senior lecturers K.S. Bayeshova, A.D. Sarman, Z.K. Nugayeva, M.B. Ermanov held master classes.

The participants discussed all issues of the seminar with great interest.