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Graduates of the professional-creative faculty received the main ticket to adulthood

Today at the Zhubanov University took place  the ceremony of awarding diplomas to the graduates of the professional and creative faculty.This faculty prepared 297 specialists in the field of design, music, visual arts, physical education and vocational training for this academic year. Among them, 32 graduates with honors received their diplomas.

In the hall of the Palace of Students, guests of the event were expected to see the exhibition of the best graduate works of students in the field of Fine Arts and Drawing. At the exhibition were presented the paintings with picturesque places of our city, also was presented a portrait of K. Zhubanov. At the same time, guests could see a three-meter picture called “The Anrakay Battle”, which depicts one of the most important battles of the Kazakh people with the Jungars.

The vice-rector on a science and innovations of university Zhubanov Rahim Beknazarov has acted with salutary speech. He congratulated all the graduates and noted that today’s event is a personal victory for each student.

The professional-creative faculty is famous for the achievements of its students and graduates, because it is here that the world champion in powerlifting Taisiya Dyachenko, the two-time swimming champion of Asia Aibek Kamzenov and many others get their knowledge. And one of the star graduates of 2009, the bronze medal winner at the World and Silver Championship in the Asian Freestyle Wrestling Championship of 2007, the 2008 Olympic Games participant in Beijing (China), the bronze medal winner at the 2010 Asian Championships Olga Zhanibekova came to personally congratulate students of the faculty.

Of course, the dean of the faculty, Candidate of Philology Sabyrzhan Mukhtarov made the farewell speech and thanked the parents and teachers for their contribution to the development of the system of training young specialists. And on behalf of the parents Valentina Bolzhanova, the mother of the graduate of the specialty “Music Education” Bibi-Batima Katarbaeva, made a congratulatory speech. Parents of  the active student  were also awarded with letters of thanks.