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The education of students abroad has come to an end

Students finished foreign training students trained in Russia, Lithuania and Poland on the program of the foreign academic mobility in 2017-2018 academic year returned to the motherland.

The students of “Metallurgy” and “Mining” specialties were studied in Magnitogorsk State Technical University named after G.I. Nosov, and students of “Chemistry”, “Biology”, “Pedagogy and Psychology”, “Psychology” and “Informatics” specialties were trained at Bashkir State University. Students of “Physics”, “Foreign Philology”, “Biology”, “Computer Science and Software” and “Chemical Technology” specialties visited the University of Vytautas Magnus, and students specializing in “Physical Culture and Sport”, “Foreign Philology”, “Pedagogy” and “Tourism” were at the University of Economics of Bydgoszcz.

Graduated students shared their impressions of foreign education, culture and life. For example, a student of third course of the specialty “Mining” Gulmira Bektemirova noted that in Magnitogorsk State University, studying in this specialty passes in several directions. So she studied in the group “Mine Surveying”.

On the subject of “Mine survey” they learned to work with a leveling and theodolite. Also at the lessons of “Mine Surveying Documentation” they mastered the skills of mining business. They learned in detail about the practical aspects. During the educational process were organized excursions for them. During one of them, they conquered the 1,582-meter peak of Iremel. On the excursion they wrote an article in the local newspaper “Dennitsa”. The article which was entitled “Handsome Iremel” was published in the 10th issue of the newspaper.