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300 sportsmen passed creative exams for admission to university

Recently at the Zhubanov University started the stage of creative exams for the professional-creative faculty. The exams for the discipline “Physical Culture and Sports” passed about 300 people. All applicants successfully coped with the tasks.

On the first day the exam in athletics (running at 100 and 1000 m) was held for the future students at the stadium of the Olympic Training Center of Aktobe oblast. At the second stage, the applicants passed the gymnastics standards. The boys showed the results of tightening and holding the angle in the restraint on the uneven bars, and the girls handed down the standards for raising and lowering the trunk from the prone position and jumping in length from the place. The final exam for specialization was held in three different sports: football, basketball and volleyball.

According to the chairman of the examination committee, the head of the department of theoretical bases of physical culture, doctor of pedagogical sciences, Tolegen Botagariyev, applicants entering the full-time department scored from 60 to 80 points. For applicants after college and correspondence education was dedicated one creative exam with a maximum score of 20. According to the results of this exam, the entrants scored from 13 to 20 points.

Among applicants there were entrants from all regions of Aktobe oblast, and also from areas of Kyzylorda region. The total number of applicants was 272 people, 144 of whom applied for the full-time education, 15 for the full-time education (3 years), and 106 for the correspondence education (3 years) and 7 people for the second higher education. It is also worth noting that among the applicants there are Champions of Republican competitions and World Champions in such sports as wrestling, basketball, volleyball, handball, power lifting, etc.