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Start of document acceptance for competition on awarding state educational grants

From July 18-26, reception of documents for an educational grant is being conducted. Zhubanov University began receiving documents for free education. Since the first days, applicants consult with professors and university professors; hand over the documents for the chosen specialty. Work on the reception of documents is conducted in an active mode.

Azhar Ivanova, a graduate of Shubarkuduk secondary school № 4 of the Temir district:

– Zhubanov University is one of the advanced educational institutions of the western region of Kazakhstan. When I was at school, my parents and I decided that I would go to this university. Therefore, through electronic-network resources, I got acquainted with the activities conducted by the university. Today I took another step towards the dream. Thanks to the leadership of the University for the Warm Welcome.

Rayymbek Zeynov, a graduate of the secondary school №3 of Emba, Mugalzharsky region:

– I graduated from secondary school No. 3 in Emba, Mugalzhar district. For admission, I chose several universities of our country, included in the world ranking of higher education institutions. I want to note the high preparedness of the admissions committee of Zhubanov University. Due to their professionalism applicants receive the necessary information.

Nurzhan Berdybaev, executive secretary of the admissions committee of the university:

* Acceptance of documents will continue until July 26th this year. The results will be announced on August 5th this year. And for training on a paid basis, applicants can take documents until August 28.

According to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the 2018-2019 academic year, grants have been allocated: 53,594 grants for the training of specialists with higher education, 12,504 grants for the preparation of masters and 2,240 grants allocated for the preparation of PhD doctors. It should be noted that most of the grants were allocated for technical specialties.