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Distance learning – one of the new technologies in education

For today the global network is everywhere in the world, therefore distance learning is information technology that realizes in the course of interactive communication between the student and the teacher during the educational process, which ensures the delivery of the teaching material’s main part and the assimilation of the theme to the students and creates conditions for independent work on the given themes.

The correspondence form of distance learning is used in the educational process of Zhubanov University. Also this technology is used for students with disabilities and students of the exchange program and scientific internships outside the country.

Graduates are accepted in 33 specialties for the correspondence education department on the basis of higher education (the second higher education – 2 years) and after college (shortened first education – the term of study is 3 years).

What features, privileges and effectiveness has the distance learning? These questions will be answered by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Zhubanov University Bibigul Abenova.

New methods of higher education reveals in the modern world. The system of distance education is a kind of training, which is primarily connected with the intensive development of information technologies and which is based on providing lessons in the online and offline mode.

Distance learning is one of the most important types of education for today’s day. In many countries, where digital technologies are developed, this form of education has been used for a long time. Distance learning is primarily convenient for students who want to develop their knowledge, but they do not have enough time. Why? Student can study without interrupting from the main work.

Another benefit of distance learning is convenient and affordable payment for training. Compared with correspondence education, the payment is slightly lower. Therefore, with the developing of basic education, we must recognize that the benefits of this form of education are greater.

For 2019 year the correspondence education will be stopped. Students of the specialty “Design”, “Physical Culture and Sport”, “Fine Arts” can study in correspondence education department, as they must be in the session period. All the other entrants who want to learn, without stopping from work, can learn only by distance form.

For today’s day our university has 182 students in 33 specialties. More than 200 entrants have already passed the documents for admission to the distance form of education. But also there are entrants, who passed documents on the correspondence form. The reception of documents for the distance form of education will continue until the end of August.

The number of students who want to study on the distance form of education is increasing at Zhubanov University. The number of students on distance form of education is growing every year.

We invite everyone who wants to get knowledge using distance learning technologies. All needed information about distance form of education can be received at the university admissions office.