Monday, April 22, 2024
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Graduates participate in an internship conference

An internship conference for fourth-year students of “Translating and Interpreting” department took place at the Faculty of Foreign languages. The conference was organized interactively and the students were presented the internship program, the list of the reports to be handed over at the end of the internship, the rules of completing the diary. The internship scheduled plan was made up and approved. The students received individual tasks on their diploma projects from their research supervisors.

Graduates of the university, professional translators Kenesh Dair and Gudz Demid participated in the conference. They shared experience of employment after graduating the University. Gudz Demid is a translator with a three-year experience of companies “Karachaganak Petrolium Opereyting B.V.” and “Saipar Drilling Company B.V.” of Aksay. In February of the current year he is planning to be transferred to the position of the instructor at “OPITO Major Emergencies and Initial Response”course in the Horizon company which is also located in the city of Aksay. The graduate spoke about the difficulties an unskilled translator can come across, the problems during the work with technical texts as the translated information can be different.

At the end of the conference the graduates thanked the lecturers of the “Translating and Interpreting” department for their contribution in training of professional staff.