Friday, June 2, 2023
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Information for foreign students of Zhubanov University!

Dear students!

The Center of International Cooperation informs that registration of foreign citizens is carried out within five (5) days.

In order to register at the place of residence, you need to apply to the Center of International Cooperation (main building of Zhubanov University, 3rd floor) and provide the following documents:

1. CV (resume)

2. A copy of the passport

3. A copy of migration card

4. A copy of the certificate of temporary registration

5. A copy of medical examination

6. Certificate from the place of studying

7. Address reference

8. Photo 3×4 – 2 pcs.

9. The questionnaire of foreign citizen, who has arrived for study, work or for research in the education organizations of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Pay attention, when entering the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan that student should indicate the purpose of entry as “Study” in the migration card.

Please study the regulations for foreign students of Zhubanov University.

Responsible specialist of foreign students – Nysanalina Dinara Yyrzagalievna, tel: 8 (7132) 24-91-95; 8-775-732-99-59.