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The staff of the University discussed the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the deputy of Mazhilis Bakytbek Smagulov

Today the teaching staff and students of K. Zhubanov Aktobe Regional State University met the deputy of Mazhilis of Parliament of RK, the member of the Committee on Social and Cultural Development of Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the member of “NurOtan” party, the chairman of Association of the Organization of Veterans of the war in Afghanistan “VETERANS of KAZAKHSTAN”, the president of Federation of RPA “Uniboy” Universal fight”, the chairman of “Federation “Of military patriotic sports clubs of the Republic of Kazakhstan” Bakytbek Smagulov.

Rector of the University, professor Bauyrzhan Erdembekov made an opening speech: “Today we organized this meeting with the purpose of explanation of the Address of the President of RK about “New opportunities of development in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution”. A special guest of today’s meeting is Bakytbek Smagulov. He is known and respected not only as a deputy but also as an elected representative of the people, as a veteran of the war in Afghanistan as a hero and an akyn”. Then he gave the floor to the deputy of Mazhilis.

“The power of a tree is in its root, the force of the river is in its sources, and the strength of a pupil is in his knowledge. Even a person knowing 70 languages of the world always remains a pupil in the eyes of his teacher. All citizens working in the field of education withstood even in the times of trouble and continued to teach. They are right when they say: “Education is light, and ignorance is darkness”. I think, we are beholden to our teachers for everything we have achieved” – Bakytbek Smagulov emphasized.

“We must appreciate our Independence and pass it to the future generation. The Russian, English languages are important in modern society, but we must raise the status of the mother tongue in every possible way. Only the citizen who feels the national spirit, whose soul realizes that he is a true Kazakh, can safely claim that he is master of his own country. According to the President’s Address, we need educated generation, and then the correct belief” – he said at the end of his speech and read his poem devoted to our city.

In turn the head of the Regional Management of Domestic Policy Bulbul Eleusinova noted: “This week our region was visited by people’s deputies who carried out the explanatory works connected with the President’s Address, Elbasy’s policy, replied to people’s urgent issues. The main objective of the Address of this year is completion of the performed works, definition of the tasks facing us next year”.

During the meeting the questions connected with religion, improvement of the status of the mother tongue were asked to B. Smagulov. The Rector of the University Bauyrzhan Amangeldyevich discussed an issue of pay rise to university lecturers with the deputy of Mazhilis.

At the end of the meeting the guest was presented with a rug with K. Zhubanov picture and memorable books.