Sunday, February 5, 2023
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“The Book of Knowledge” was presented to the first-year students

Today was held the meeting with young historians. Students of the 4th year of the Faculty of History presented «The Book of Knowledge” to the first-year students. Having received the trophy from the undergraduates, first year students gave the Student Oath. This is how they began their meeting with the rector of the university.

“I want to note that the first academic week was excellent. Teaching staff and students of the final courses organized for us a warm welcome. In the course of today’s event, I received a lot of useful information about the life of the university and my faculty” told Abilkair Sarsenbai, first year student of the History specialty”.

The head of the University Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov touched on the most important points at the start of student life. These include: studying, disciplined behavior and safety.

The history and achievements of the faculty were told by the dean of the historical faculty Gulmira Kupenova. According to her, in the new academic year there are about 150 entrants. Among them there are 3 foreign citizens. In total there are 533 students studying at the faculty at the moment.

In connection with the high interest of first-year students in studying abroad, a student of the 3rd course of the specialty “Tourism” Asem Albekova was invited to the meeting with the rector. Accompanied by photos on the screen, Asem told about the trip to Poland (g.Bogdosch) under the program of the “Academic Mobility”.

The applicants’ interest to the university does not decrease. This is evidenced by the number of students, who enrolled in this year under the program “Serpin” – 124, 22 students chose the Faculty of History. The first-year student of the specialty “Geography-History” Luiza Sotsial came from Zhanaozen city, Mangistau oblast according to the program “Serpin”. The girl has already had time to get acquainted with the active students of the faculty and pass the casting of the activists. “I am very glad that I entered the ARSU named after K. Zhubanov. During the first academic week I was impressed by the subject “Geography”, which is conducted by the candidate of historical sciences Gulzhanat Suleimenova. I want to note that we are already at a completely new level, rather than at school. Therefore, I really want to prove myself both in studies and in the life of the university, “said Luiza.

On behalf of the debut intellectual club “Kobylandy” the 2nd-year student of the specialty “Geography-history” Meirambek Shekernaev greeted the first year students.

At the end of his speech, the student presented the rector the badge of the club. Traditionally in the meeting took part the invited leaders of various departments of the oblast and the city.