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Schoolchildren of the city get acquainted with K. Zhubanov University

On January 17-18, 2018 a professional orientation action organized by the Professional Orientation Department took place in K. Zhubanov University.

An excursion around the University was organized for 116 future graduates of secondary schools No. 4, 37, 39, 21, 10, 1, 17 of the city of Aktobe with the purpose of providing them with detailed information on the University majors and presenting the student life and material and technical base of the University.

The schoolchildren began the excursion with “Temirkazyk” Student Service Center. The staff of the Center introduced the work of the Center to the visitors and told them about the services provided. Then they visited “Kudaibergen Zhubanov” conference hall, saw the Palace of Students. During the professional orientation work the specialist of this department Nurzada Shilmanova gave more detailed information on the University. The professional orientation group consisting of the lecturers of all faculties of the University answered the guests’ questions concerning specialties of the University and gave out brochures and booklets with full information on the University.

Further the participants of the excursion examined the work of the Research Center which is located in the Park of Innovative Technologies and made sure that all conditions for carrying out research work have been created in the University.

– I am a schoolgirl of the 11th grade of school gymnasium No. 17. I think that in the choice of the major each person has to rely on his abilities, preferences and true purpose. It is a really responsible decision we have to make now. It is my first visit to the University where I got acquainted with many new centers, offices and audiences. I have already chosen my future specialty. I want to become an architect. My father is an expert who makes his contribution to the development of Aktobe architecture. I want to follow in his wake. Having visited K. Zhubanov University, having seen its modern base, I am full with pride”, said Christina Feydyukova, one of the schoolgirls who came to the excursion.

“The choice of specialty is the choice of destiny. To choose specialty which completely coincides with your abilities and tendencies about the choice which you will never regret is the main goal of each person. I have been thinking a lot of the future specialty. I have chosen the profession of the marketing specialist. In the future I want to study and work in this sphere. My parents support me by giving advice in the choice of specialty. The Internet also helped me to find the necessary information. If I become a marketing specialist, I will be able to open my own business” – said Ayazhan Haybullina, a schoolgirl of the 11th grade of secondary school No. 10.