Friday, March 24, 2023
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Meeting with the rector at the technical faculty

The event was held in a free information exchange format, during which the dean of the Faculty Utegen Sariev told about the latest achievements of the faculty.

The rector of the University Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov greeted the first year students and emphasized their attention at the educational process and discipline. He encouraged students to participate in social associations of the university.

Bauyrzhan Amangeldyevich especially noted the growing interest from foreign students in studying at Zhubanov University.

In turn, the first vice Rector Kuanyshbek Shunkeev called on young people to treat their country with special respect, strive for high culture and leadership in all undertakings.

The inspector of juvenile police of the city Department of Internal Affairs, Major Kenzhegul Musayeva told the students about the most frequent cases of administrative violations and measures in order to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The head of the regional Department for Religious Affairs Zholdas Kalmaganbetov told about prevention of religious extremism and terrorism, as well as protection of youth from illegal currents. “I cannot say that among young people there are no such trends. However, at the same time, over the past 2-3 years there is no mass inflow. Because of ongoing work, the number of people who adhere to non-traditional religious trends decreases every year” noted the head of the department.

Zhanar Konbaeva, the 4th year student of the specialty “Organization of Transport, Movement and Exploitation of Transport”, greeted the professors of Zhubanov University, because she is the winner of international and republican Olympiads and scientific competitions and the holder of the scholarship of the First President of the RK. She also noted that everyone is an artist of his own life, so dedicate your golden student years to study and spiritual development.

It should be noted that this year 395 students entered the technical faculty, 50 of them received the state educational grant.