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The well known Kazakh TV presenter Gulnaz Alimgerei met with students of Zhubanov University

The meeting was held within the framework of the Republican Assembly of Mothers “Anaga tagzym”. The moderator of the event was Aishuak Darmenuly, Senior Researcher. The meeting is organized by the Department of Social Affairs and Youth Policy at Zhubanov University.

A well-known Kazakhstan TV presenter and journalist Gulnaz Alimgerei is one of the honor guests of republican event dedicated to mothers. Students from different faculties of the university, from future philologists and lawyers gathered to meet with her.

Having greeted all those present, Gulnaz Alimgerevna briefly described herself and her life path. “I was born in Karabutak, finished school in Aktobe. Next, I graduated in KazNU named after al-Farabi at the Faculty of Journalism. At the moment I am a TV presenter of Qazaqstan TV channel and I have my own school of journalism” said Gulnaz. The students were interested in her career success and relations in the family. So, when asked about the role of language in the modern world, Gulnaz replied that she received Kazakh education exclusively in Kazakh. However, after moving to the city, she needed to study Russian language. Then she entered the United States under the “Bolashak” program, where English was required. In this regard, she recommended not to limit herself to the knowledge of languages and noted: “It’s never too late to learn new things”.

Then the audience asked about what contribution she had made to the development of Aktobe and Kazakhstan as a whole. Gulnaz Alimgerei answered this question: “First of all, I am an informant who conveys certain information to the people”. She also shared her memory of the time when she was holding teleconferences with the participation of the Head of State N. Nazarbayev. According to her, this is a special responsibility for viewers, when it is necessary to convey all necessary information to the interlocutors in dedicated airtime. “I also always try to take an active part in the events that are held in Aktobe. Information about these events I share with 200 thousand audiences in my personal account in Instagram, because the role of social ne tworks in the modern world is significant “said the TV host.

The students were interested in the way, how mom of 4 children managed to combine work with family life, to which Gulnaz Alimgereevna noted that with a great desire, everyone can do it.

As a result of the meeting, Gulnaz Alimgerei wished the students not to stop on their laurels and always to strive forward. “Do not wait for help from outside and always rely on yourself,” told Gulnaz Alimgerey the students.