Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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The American analyst, Dr. Peter Eckel came to Zhubanov University

Within the framework of his official visit to Kazakhstan, the doctor of the University of Pennsylvania (USA) Peter Eckel arrived in Zhubanov University. On the meeting took part vice-rectors of the university, deans of faculties and heads of all departments.

The Nazarbayev University and the University of Pennsylvania are realizing the project of “Development of best practice modules in academic management and management in higher educational institutions in Kazakhstan”. In this project, much attention is paid to the transition from higher education institutions to institutional autonomy. Along with Dr. Eckel, was arrived the research assistant of the Nazarbayev University Sanjar Baizhanov, the representative of the Higher Education School, associate professor Sulushash Kerimkulova.

In order to increase the work of the Supervisory Board were organized meetings and seminars with other higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan. Peter Eckel stressed that he had already heard about Zhubanov University and that he was aware of the fact that the university is one of the largest universities in western Kazakhstan.

The pedagogical staff of Zhubanov University was interested in questions about the difference in the educational system of the two countries. In addition, they also asked about additional earnings.

Peter Eckel noted that their state finances the university by 20 percent. The source of funding for American universities is the payment of students for tuition, rental fees for classrooms, large prizes for university sports teams and research projects in business schools. Therefore, the American analyst shared information about the US education system.