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The educational audience of the “Biology” department was named after Professor Sagit Isabayev

Today at the Faculty of Natural Science was a presentation of the audience named after the candidate of agricultural sciences, professor of Zhubanov University – Sagit Isabayev. The opening took place with the participation of the pedagogical staff of the university, family, friends and colleagues of Sagit Yagudovich.

The first vice – rector of the university, Kuanyshbek Shunkeev and Sagit Isabaev’s grandsons, Kambar Erlanuly and Talap Sagit, solemnly cut the red ribbon. There was organized an exhibition of professor’s achievements, which describes his work path. Also at the event was presented the film about the professor’s family. The video with rare photographs of Sagit Isabayev, accompanied by music and voiceover about his life and scientific path.

The dean of the faculty of natural sciences, PhD Murat Makhambetov, greeted all guests and gave welcoming speech words to the first vice-rector of the university Kuanyshbek Shunkeev.

“The real scientist is not one who has a diploma of a professor, but one that has the culture of a scientist. It is all about Sagit Yagudovich. Even with a stormy scientific discussion, he did not succumb to emotions and remained a calm and profound person,” said the vice- rector. He also noted that Zhubanov University has the tradition to give a name of famous persons for the educational audiences. According to Kuanyshbek Shunkeevich, the main goal of this work is to familiarize students with the biography and achievements of Kazakh scientists who have made a special contribution to the development of science and art of Kazakhstan.

The main scientific secretary, candidate of philosophical sciences, assistant professor Abylay Mukhambetzhan and vice-rector for science and innovations Rakhim Beknazarov greeted guests with welcoming speech.

In addition, a close friend and colleague of the scientist Shakir Beketov made a speech on the event. “I’ve known Saken for 50 years. Our Saken was a great, kind person. I want to thank the administration of the university, the pedagogical staff of the faculty department for assigning the name of Sagit Isabaev to the educational audience. Let students prepare their best scientific works in this audience” said Shakir Beketov.

Further, the words of gratitude to Sagit Yagudovich was expressed by his student, doctoral candidate of the “General Biology and Genomics” department of Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov Zhaydargul Kuangbay. “I am very proud to be a student of the bright, kind, fair and hardworking teacher like Sagit Yagudovich, I chose to study genetics, because his knowledge and love of science. My choice of life path is the result of his work” – said Zhaydargul.

His son Mazhit Isabayev spoke on behalf of Sagid Yagudovich’s family. He sincerely thanked Zhubanov University for the respect of their father, grandfather, friend and colleague. “I can say with great confidence that our father was devoted to science, the university and his students. He was very anxious about every lesson. In my childhood and youth, memories were preserved the moments when he worked at the agricultural experimental station. He often took us to the fields where we helped him to sort the wheat. Our father was a very well-bred and honest person” shared his memories the son of Saghit Yagudovich. Vladimir Tsygankov, a student and colleague of Sagit Isabayev, also told about his memories.

Sagit Isabayev liked to write poems. In this regard, Ualikhan Zhaksylykov, a second year student of the specialty “Biology”, dedicated arnau to Sagit Yagudovich.

The solemn event ended with the sounds of kyues “Balbyrauyn” and “Erke sylkym” in the performance of second year students of the specialty “Biology” Altynzer Arapshakyzy and Zhansulu Esenova.

Sagit Isabayev was born on December 4, 1942 in the village of Kyzylbulak (Akbulak district, Orenburg region). He graduated from Orenburg Agricultural Institute with a degree in Agronomy. In the years 1973-1977, he studied in the scientific research institute named after N. I. Vavilov. He worked at the university named of K. Zhubanov during 1986-2017 years. Together with the scientists of the Aktobe experimental station, he produced about 10 varieties of wheat. Sagit Yagudovich Isabaev has about 70 scientific and practical works.