Monday, April 22, 2024
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Zhubanov University hosted a language festival

Today at the Palace of Students was a festival of languages on the theme “Тil ult tyregy”. The Faculty of Foreign Languages organized the event.

Before the beginning of the festival was organized an exhibition of different national dishes in the main entrance.

“The reason we are celebrate on this day, because it is the birthday of Ahmet Baitursynuly. Kazakhstan is a multiethnic country, where more than 130 nationalities live in peace and harmony,” said the rector of the university B. Erdembekov. He also noted that the university created all the conditions for comprehensive development of students. The number of multilingual groups is growing every year. He spoke in detail about the new centers and language courses at the university.

For the guests of the festival was organized the concert, where the students showed their respect for the language. During the concert, they danced and sang songs in Kazakh, Russian, English, French, German, Chinese and Azerbaijani languages. Also among the students there was organized the game “Quest” and “Andy zhalgastyr” and the contest of tongue twisters “Tiltanym”.