Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Meeting of Zhubanov University governance with young specialists

Today was the annual meeting of university governance with the young specialists. 36 specialists were entered the university, 3 of them to Phd doctors.

During the meeting the rector of the University Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov spoke about the main directions of the work in the higher educational institution. «You need to distinguish yourself with creative ideas in order to make contribution to the university» told the rector of the university. In addition, he noted that according to modern realities the teacher should be able to interest his students with extraordinary thinking and original ideas. «Try to participate in various forums, trainings, seminars and master classes. Be always involved in the activities of the university and give your ideas about new projects» said B. Erdembekov. By the way, the ideas and projects can be sent according mail, facebook and official blog of the rector.

Scientific-research activity, along with the education are the main activities in university. Science is the necessary element of the educational process in the implementation of basic and additional educational programs.

Bauyrzhan Yerdembekov noted the important role of corruption resistance. The rector also spoke about the civil position among students. On this issue, he asked young employees to control the culture of students’ behavior and conduct educational work in order to resist negative manipulation and provocation.

It should be noted that every new specialist will have the mentor who will share his professional and life experience at the beginning of the work path.

The first vice rector Kuanyshbek Shunkeev noted that Zhubanov University is on the 7th place among 135 universities of the country. Also according to the

vice rector, the number of specialties of master and doctoral studies increases every year in the university.

Vice-rector of Academic Affairs of Zhubanov University Bibigul Abenova said that out of more than 100 received CVs, 36 employees were employed. Bibigul Seilovna noted that the university created all the conditions for the implementation of labor and scientific activities. «Therefore, I hope that you will use your forces and knowledge to the development of our university and become highly qualified specialists,» said Bibigul Abenova to young specialists.