Friday, June 2, 2023
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Gerd Ritthaler’s lectures started at the University

Today at Zhubanov University was held the first lecture of a certified engineer-economist, SES expert Gerd Ritthaler. The lecture was attended by students of different faculties, teachers and representatives of Aktobe’s tourism organizations. The Lectures was held in the framework of the international seminar program “World Experience in Training and Tourism Management” (according to Germany’s experience), which was organized by the Center for International Cooperation and the Department of “Geography and Tourism” of the Zhubanov University. At the end all participants will be awarded with international standard certificates.

The head of the Center for International Cooperation, Gulzhan Shokym greeted all seminar participants.

“The aim of the seminar is the development of tourism in our oblast, because we prepare specialist in this field,”- said Gulzhan Tynyshtykbaevna.

Gerd Ritthaler will read lectures during two weeks for students and teachers, and representatives of tourist companies of the city. All interested people can take part in lectures.

“It is a great honor for me to present lectures at your university. During the event, I want to share with you interesting information about tourism. I hope that everyone will find something useful for themselves,” said Gerd Ritthaler.

Today he presented an introduction lecture on the theme “The main forms of tourism”, in which he spoke on the pros and cons and the influence of tourism to the national economy, also he mentioned about the international development and on ecotourism. In his presentation, Gerd shared how tourism works in Germany. He noted several tourist trends that are popular in his country. For example, long-distance traveling, an all-inclusive service, cruise trips, etc. In addition, Mr. Gerd proposed to enter in university the computer reservation system “AMADEUS” which helps to book air tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals.

Summing up the introduction lecture Gerd Ritthaler noted that each topic would be studied in detail in following lectures. “In this seminar students receive a large amount of knowledge. They have the opportunity to communicate and ask questions from foreign speakers. Based on the obtained theoretical knowledge, it is necessary to have an internship at tourism facilities” shared her emotions the head of Zere Tour LLP Botagoz Krambaeva.


Translation by A. Ormanbekova