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“English Club” of the History  Faculty of History restarted its work

 Recently was held the first meeting of the “English Club” in the new academic year at the History Faculty, in which students and teachers of the university took part.

The first meeting of the “English Club” was dedicated to Labor Day. This holiday is traditionally celebrated in the USA on the first Monday of September and in Kazakhstan – on the last Sunday of September.

During the meeting the work plan for the 2018-2019 academic years was reviewed and approved.

For the current year are scheduled 8 meetings of the Club. According to the President of the Club, Associate Professor Alexander Perevezentsev, they will be devoted to notable historical events, such as: the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, Thanksgiving Day, Presidents Day, Martin Luther King’s Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, etc., and intra-faculty activities. Club members will be participate in the work of a student scientific conference with reports in English.

Alexander Leonidovich prepared a bright, interesting presentation, which reflected the history and current state of Labor Day in the United States and Kazakhstan.

A 3rd year student Azizbek Suleimenov was awarded by a diploma as the most active participant.

The English Club of the Faculty of History is open to the public and invites teachers and university students to participate in its meetings.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova