Friday, March 24, 2023
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Famous economists-teachers celebrate their anniversaries

An event was dedicated to the 65th birth anniversary of Doctor of Economics, professor, the member of the International Eurasian Economic Academy Khalel Khusainov and the 60th anniversary of the candidate of economic sciences, professor, member of the International Academy of Informatization Bauyrzhan Zhunusov. The leadership of the university, officials, deputies, colleagues and students expressed their congratulations.

The head of the department “Public Administration and Marketing” Meiramgul Sayymova made a presentation on the life and work of anniversaries.

The vice-rector on science and innovations of the University Rakhym Beknazarov congratulated anniversaries. “You have made a special contribution to the development of our university. We wish each of you good health,” said Rakhym Agibaevich.

Professor Khalel Kusainov is the author of more than 250 scientific papers and monographs, textbooks and teaching aids, and under his leadership more than 40 Ph.D. theses and master’s theses have been prepared and defended. In turn, Bauyrzhan Zhunusov was at the forefront of the creation of the Faculty of Economics and Law of Zhubanov University. Today he gives his great scientific, pedagogical and life experience to young teachers, undergraduates and students. More than 20 master’s theses have been defended under his supervision.

The deputy of the oblast maslikhat Zheniskul Mukhambetpaizova congratulated the professors on behalf of the Secretary of the Aktobe oblast maslikhat Saniya Kaldygulova. “I can say with confidence that your work will never be forgotten,” noted Jeniscul Sagidollaevna.

Congratulations on behalf of the Akim of Aktobe city, Ilyas Ispanov, were handed over by the head of the State Unit “Department of Internal Policy of Aktobe”, Yeleusiz Nurgaliyev. Also, congratulatory words addressed to professors were received on behalf of the State Institution “Department of Internal Policy of the Aktobe oblast”.

The representative of West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University named after Zhangir Khan, Candidate of Sciences, and Associate Professor Berik Khusainov. On behalf of the rector of WKATU, he wished wealth and expressed gratitude for the assembly of high-quality personnel in the field of economics.

During the event, thanks for the received knowledge were expressed by Akylbek Sakhiyev, the head of the department of social and political work (Aktobe oblast branch of NDP “Nur Otan”). It is worth noting that Akylbek Myrzakhanovich was a student of today’s jubilees.

“When I entered the economics department, all the literature was in Russian language. And the only specialized book in the Kazakh language was the book by Bauyrzhan Arystanovich “Fundamentals of economic theory”. Thanks to this, we learned about economic terms, and gained basic knowledge in the field of economics. And Halel Khaimullievich opened the scientific world for me and was the head of my master’s work. He is like a second father to me,” said Akylbek.

Also the professors were congratulated by colleagues from Kazakh-Russian International University and Aktobe University named after S. Baishev.

From 2007 to 2013, Khalel Kusainov headed Aktobe University named after S. Baishev, and Bauyrzhan Zhunusov in the 2000s was the dean of the department of international economics and information systems of the same university. Both eminent economists continued their career at Zhubanov University.

The sincere words of congratulations were expressed by the Director of Confucius Institute of the University on the part of China, Professor Li Jianhong and the Director of Confucius Institute of the ARSU named after K.Zhubanov from the side of Kazakhstan Professor Gulzhan Shokym. Also, distinguished professors came to congratulate colleagues from other faculties of Zhubanov University. Jubilees were captured by the attention of the guests and thanked all those present with all their hearts.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova