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Students of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics shared their impressions about the effectiveness of the academic mobility program

Today, at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, was held the meeting with students, who took part in the academic mobility program.

Gulzhan Shokym, the director of the Center for International Cooperation, spoke with the students. “There are external and internal academic mobility. External academic mobility is understood as the education of students in foreign universities, as well as the work of research teachers in foreign educational or scientific institutions. For internal academic mobility, students can receive study, and research teachers, can work in leading Kazakh universities. Last academic year, 270 students took part in this program, thanks to which they got acquainted with the education system of other countries and gained a wealth of life experience,”shared her thoughts Gulzhan Tynyshtykbaevna.

She advised students manage correctly their time and participate in the program. Indeed, in the new academic year, applications are accepted from 1.10-1.11 of 2018. And from November 1, these applications will be considered by the competition commission.

G.Shokym paid special attention to the issue of language teaching. “If possible, sign up for language courses that will make it easier for you to adapt in another country,” said she.

According to the coordinator of the academic mobility program for the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Ph.D., associate professor Aksaule Baibaktina, only those students who expressed their desire to get acquainted with this program attended the meeting. Thus, about 60 students gathered in the audience.

“The number of students participating in the program is increasing from year to year. If in the 2016-2017 academic year participated 3 students, then only in the 1st semester of this year, 15 students left to study under the academic mobility program,” said the coordinator. Among them, 4 students participated in the program of external academic mobility, 11of them – on the inside. She also noted that today, the student of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, at the specialty “Information Technologies” Nazerke Tulet from Pavlodar is studying within the framework of internal academic mobility.

During the meeting, the students, who have already participated in the program showed their presentations. They are: Saya Dauletbaeva, 4th year student of the specialty “Mathematical and Computer Modeling”, (Gdansk University, Poland), Azamat Ali, 4th year student of “Mathematics”, (Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania, Kaunas), Adelie Kenzhebaeva, 3rd course student of the specialty “Physics”, (University of Gdansk, Poland), Aigerim Mukhambet 4th year student of the specialty “Computer Science”, (Kazakh State Women’s Pedagogical University, Almaty). They told about the country, about the university and about the educational process.

Also an online meeting was organized with a 3rd year student in the specialty “Computing equipment and software” Kuralay Zhanabay, who is currently studying at Almaty Technological University under the program of internal academic mobility. According to Kuralay, the university has all the necessary conditions for studying.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova