Friday, June 2, 2023
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The second round of the Literary Olympiad is over

The organizing committee at “Theoretical and Applied Linguistics” department of Philological Faculty held the second round of the Olympiad in the Kazakh language and Literature among pupils of 9,10,11 grades aimed at determining the schoolchildren’s quality of theoretical and practical knowledge, increase in activity and support of creative development, development of thinking and professional direction in “Kazakh Language and Literature”. The second round consisted of listening comprehension tasks (listening to the text, performance of tasks according to the contents of the text) and writing an essay.

The pupils who get the highest score in this round will have an opportunity to participate in an intellectual competition which will take place on the basis of the University on March 27, 2018. Following the results of the second round 4 pupils from the city of Aktobe, 3 pupils from Uyl district, 3 pupils from Mugalzhar district and 4 pupils from Shalkar district succeeded to the third round.