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Professor from Turkey reads lectures at the Faculty of Philology

From 15 to 27 October 2018 in the framework of international academic mobility in the Faculty of Philology PhD, Professor Orhan Soylemez from Kastamonu University (Turkey) will read series of lectures. The professor reads lectures for undergraduates of educational programs: 6М020500-Philology, 6М012200 – Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of studying, doctoral students of 6D020500-Philology, as well as for graduate students of the Faculty of Philology. The main direction of the scientific activity of Professor Orhan Soylemez is a comparative analysis of Turkic literary monuments. The polyglot scholar, and expert in the theory and history of various languages, he is also fluent in many Turkic languages. Lectures are given in Kazakh and English languages. Students, undergraduates and doctoral students are particularly interested in the lectures on the analysis of Kyrgyz epic “Manas”, and the intertextual analysis of the works of Chingiz Aitmatov.

The scientist is actively working on studying of an ancient and medieval literature for the history of Kazakh literature. Based on historical-typological comparison, it shows the humanistic and artistic aspects of the consonance of Turkic with Kazakh literature.

As a brilliant expert of literary monuments of ancient and medieval Turkic writing, constituting the treasury of Kazakh literature and culture in general, Professor Orhan Soylemez advises doctoral students and undergraduates to write doctoral and master’s theses using this theme. His consultations for students of the specialties “Russian language and literature” and “Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of studying” on writing diploma projects were very valuable. Turkology as the most important branch of the humanities today is reaching a new stage in its development. In addition, the arrival of a foreign scientist plays an important role in understanding the spiritual wealth. For all of us, the scientific activity and creative way of the scientist Orhan Soylemez is an example of true patriotism, friendship and fraternity, unlimited devotion to science and immense hard work, modesty. That is what can be considered a kind of bright role model, because a true scientist inevitably goes beyond the national and political framework, and his work ultimately belongs to all humanity, across all conventional boundaries.