Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Students of Zhubanov University choose theater

Today, Zhubanov University together with the fan club of Aktobe Drama Theater named after T. Akhtanov organized a regular meeting within the framework of the I regional project “I choose the theater”.

The artistic director of the theater, Daniyar Bazarkulov, came to a meeting with students with actors from the Russian troupe. Among them were: Valihan Kinzhibaev, Rufina Ibragimova – Kylosova, Olga Pavlova, Maxim Guzenko, Seraphim Prefix.

The meeting was traditionally opened by the director of the department of social issues and youth policy of the university Zhubanova Karlygash Satybaldina. She noted the importance of such events in the development of the cultural environment in society as a whole.

“Theater is a living art, where the actors are in direct contact with the audience. Therefore, the viewer should receive from the game on stage something more than just a good impression. He should not just laugh at the comedy show, and also should not just cry along with the dramatic actors. He should come out from the play with new thoughts, have something new to note for himself. To date, our theater is working on the production of “Romeo and Juliet.” This is a world classic, which we put in a new interpretation. For example, two clans Capulets and Montecchi will play actors of Slavic and Asian nationalities. That is, Romeo will be Asian, and Juliet is a Slav. Also in the near future on the stage of our theater will be held the premiere of the one-man show “Hamlet”, said Daniyar Zholmanovich.

The three-minute performance of Olga Pavlova, the head of the theater-laboratory “Staircase”, and actresses Rufina Ibragimova-Kylosova, the Seraphim Prefixes revived the students, charging them with unusual energy.

Impressed students asked the actors questions of interest one after another.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova