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Scientists discussed the strategy and experience of implementing the national idea at the VII International Scientific and Practical Conference

Today, the VII International Scientific and Practical Conference “Strategy and Experience in Implementing the National Idea“ looking to the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness ” took place at Zhubanov University within the framework of the program article by Head of State N.A. Nazarbayev. The conference was organized by the Faculty of Economics and Law of the Zhubanov University.

The main purpose of the conference was to exchange views and experiences on the proposed topics of the participants.

Such foreign guests as, Doctor of Economics, Professor Alexey Tyapukhin (Russia), Ph.D., Associate Professor Almaz Iniyatov (Uzbekistan), attended the conference.

Also the participants of in the conference were: the head of the human capital development department of the RPP Atameken Damelya Kunanova, the chief specialist of the legal labor inspector of the public association of Aktobe Regional Organization of the Kazakhstan Industry Trade Union of Education and Science, Alexander Alimpiev, Aktobe oblast branch of UNPF JSC Elmira Talayeva, the Head of the Investment Projects Management of the Office of Industrial Innovative Development in Aktobe oblast Nurtugan Uralbaev.

The vice-rector for Science and Innovations of Zhubanov University, Rakhim Beknazarov, made a welcoming speech. He noted the importance of holding the traditional conference, during which participants present their reports on topical issues to the wide audience. “Today in Kazakhstan there are all the necessary resources for the implementation of new projects. Therefore, I believe that our students should competently use these resources for the benefit of the development of our country and the world as a whole. I wish you successful work, and I hope you will receive valuable information on the results of the conference,” said the vice rector.

The head of the human capital development department of the Atameken, Damelya Kunanova, said that the problem of the quality of human resources for business came out on top today. According to her, to determine the needs of personnel in Aktobe oblast annually conducted the survey of business entities, where the most popular professions are identified. However, in September 2018, the only pilot project in Kazakhstan was launched. The project includes the full screening of enterprises. “6000 business entities were surveyed. We took those enterprises where 5 people and above work. During the survey, attention was focused on the competence of the specialists. As a result of the survey for 2019, was determined the need for 7140 people in our area. Of these, 21% with higher education, 79% for working qualifications. The need analysis shows that the oblast especially needs the following frames: turners, welders, bricklayers, installers, plumbers, etc. And the service sector occupies the prevailing place in this need: trade, restaurant business, etc.,”said she. In turn, “Atameken” offers its own solutions to fill the shortage of personnel. Thus, they conduct work with

organizations of TAPE, that is, with colleges, and take into account the relevance of dual training.

Then, a graduate of Zhubanov University, now the head of the department of investments and support of investment projects of the Directorate for Industrial and Innovative Development of Aktobe oblast Nurtugan Uralbayev spoke on the topic “Industrial-innovative development of Aktobe agglomeration”. He acquainted those present with the course of industrial-innovative development of our oblast and shared plans for the future.

The main specialist, legal labor inspector of the public association “Aktobe oblast organization of Kazakhstan industry trade union of workers in education and science” Alexander Alimpiev told about the problems of applying labor legislation in educational institutions of Kazakhstan.

It should be noted that the reports of the participants demonstrate the interest of the international scientific community and the significance of the modernization of public consciousness. So Ph.D., associate professor of economics department of Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh Almaz Yyatov shared the study of the problems of effective implementation of information and communication technologies.

In turn, the deputy director of the Aktobe oblast branch of UNPF JSC, Elmira Talayeva told about the further modernization of the pension system until 2030. The head of the department of logistics and transport technologies, D. Professor of the Orenburg Institute of Railway Transport, branch of Samara State University, Alexey Tyapukhin spoke about the “Study of the Relationship of Value Flows and Reliability of Resource Flows in Supply Chains”, the Head of the Department of Logistics and Transport Technologies.

The conference continued with breakout sessions.

Within the framework of this conference, the grand opening of an educational office named after the candidate of economic sciences, Professor Uketh Baimarkhtov was held at the Faculty of Economics and Law. Guests of the conference, colleagues, friends and family of Ukethai Serikbayevich attended the opening. The office was equipped with an interactive whiteboard and is intended for students, undergraduates, young teachers and educational circles of the faculty.

Uchetai Bayzhomartov was born in Aksu of Almaty oblast, graduated from Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirov. For many years, he worked in the party sphere, in education, at the same time engaged in research work.

Professor stood at the origins of the creation of the Faculty of Economics of Zhubanov University, headed the department of economics and management of the university, constantly providing theoretical and methodological assistance to young teachers. The professor has published the number of educational, methodical and scientific works with a total volume of about 350 printed pages; he is the author of more than 40 scientific articles. The merits of Professor Baizhomartov in the development of the Komsomol and trade union movement, higher education and economics in Kazakhstan were highly appreciated – he has a number of government awards. He is an honorary citizen of Aktobe, as well as the title of “Man of the Year of ARSU named after K. Zhubanov.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova