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“The order is the beginning of upbringing, disorder-the enemy of life “

Knowledge of laws is the requirement of modern life. Today in the Republic of Kazakhstan it is necessary to realize the idea of a legal state, aimed at democracy, in which every citizen needs to know his rights and form an appropriate consciousness in him. The round table “The order-beginning of upbringing, disorder-the enemy of life”, held at the Faculty of Philology, with the participation of captain Uteeva Zhanna Zhaksgalievna and senior lieutenant Bektleuova Altynai Rayymzhanovna from Zavodskoy police station police. During the meeting, students asked a lot of questions such as: “What is the reason for young people to commit crimes?”, “What factors indicate the manifestation of insufficient prevention of crimes among young people?” and others. Students received detailed answers to all their questions. After the lecture prepared by police officers for young people, a juvenile affairs inspector at the Plant Department of the Police Mukushova Amina, showed the video about a nightly raid.

At the end of the meeting, 3rd year student Baynak Aibanu very beautifully and vividly read poem of M. Zhumabayev “I Believe in Youth”. The round table with the participation of police officers was organized by students of 301 groups of the specialty “Philology: Kazakh philology” and curators 102 and 203 groups of the specialty “Kazakh language and literature” Bekniyazova D.D, Kushkimbayeva A.S. and Sadirova A.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova