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The round table on the theme “The lessons of courage”

Today at Zhubanov University was held the round table on the topic of “The lessons of courage”, with the view to patriotic education of young people.

The event was attended by the chief specialist of the Information Analysis Department of the regional youth policy department Madi Kemeshov, the member of the Chernobyl Victims public association Merzhakup Bizhanov, members of the Martial Brotherhood NGO Tukembay Shalov and Serik Sartayev, as well as employees of the Department of Social Affairs and youth policy and students of ARSU named after K. Zhubanov.

The round table began with the welcoming speech by the representative from the regional youth policy department, Madi Kemeshov. “The theme of today’s event has a very significant role among young people. I think that if our young people take Newan example from the heroes of our meeting, then this will not be worse. After all, they have seen life and can give valuable advice to the younger generation. In the future, we hope to hold such meetings more often, ”said Madi Zhailybayevich.

Merzhakup Bizhanov told the story about how he got to Chernobyl. He noted that their war was peculiar, because they fought not with people, but with an atom. He said that about 32,000 people were called to Chernobyl, 200 of them from Aktobe oblast. “I believe that every self-respecting man should serve in the army. After all, the motherland will always rely on the soldiers. And you need to be able to protect the sovereignty of their state. Because the future is yours, you live here and raise children,” addressed Merzhakup Urumsabirovich to the present.

Next, spoke the members of the NGO “Battle Brotherhood” Tukembay Shalov and Serik Sartaev. Both were sent to serve in Afghanistan. Each of them told the story of that life period. They remembered how they first found themselves in a foreign land, talked about the relationship between their colleagues and how the debt to the Motherland moved them during armed attacks.

The guests of the round table were very interested in the students, as a result of which many questions were asked. So, the students learned the opinion of the guests about the situation of conscription to the modern army. Each of them noted that the duty to the Motherland is above all. There were questions about families, about the benefits and what post-war memories still remain in the memory of guests.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova