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The training on the topic “Who is the leader?”

As part of the methodical week for students of the second course of specialties 5B050600-Economics, 5B050700-Management, 5B050800-Accounting and Audit, 5B051000-State and local management, was held the training on the topic “Who is the leader?” The event was organized by senior lecturers of the Economics and Management Department, N. B. Sultamuratova and Tasmaganbetova S.Zh. The faculty members attended the seminar: Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs J. Baishukurova, Chairperson of the Methodological Council of the Faculty K. B. Tleukabylova, M.A. Tleubergenova, A.Zh. Ibrasheva, E.Zh.

Sultamuratova N.B. in her speech stressed that the leader is a person in any group who enjoys great, recognized authority, has influence over others. The leader’s influence is manifested in the fact that behind him the group recognizes the right to make responsible decisions in significant situations for it. That is, a leader is the most authoritative person who plays a central role in organizing joint activities and regulating relationships in a group.

The purpose of the training was to identify what qualities the leader should have, so that the final set of qualities would look like this:

1. Self-confidence (not overconfidence).

2. Communication skills (effective communication skills).

3. Active life position, energy.

4. Charisma.

5. Initiative.

6. Continuous personal growth.

7. The ability to create a team.

8. Behavior flexibility and sensitivity to the situation.

9. The ability to represent and defend the interests of the team (responsibility, skill of self-presentation, negotiation, public speaking, good vocabulary, erudition).

10. Focus on results, dedication (from a personal point of view, we can say “integrity”).

Tasmaganbetova S.Zh. organized the game, which consisted of the following blocks: “Training the ability to begin and end the performance”, “Simulation of voice and tone”, “Demonstration of resourcefulness, paradoxical logic and eloquence”, “Unequal resources”, “Image”, which was supposed to reveal, how carefully the students studied the topic of “Leadership”. For the allotted time, five teams of students were not only to demonstrate ingenuity, oratory, logic and eloquence, but also to make geometric figures with their own hands from materials that other teams have.

At the end, the head of the methodical section, K. B. Tleukabylova, summarized the results of the training.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova