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Business game “Educational criminal process” with the participation of a specialist

On November 29, 2018, students of law of the fourth course, under my supervision, prepared the training criminal process with the participation of a specialist – executive director of the notary chamber of Aktobe, Konyakhin Artem Nikolaevich.

The student of U-405 Aziza Kulmagambetova prepared the creative script and mock-up of the criminal case. The judge A. Zholmukhambetov, prosecutor N. Nasyrova, Secretary G. Bagitova, lawyer Z. Tairov, expert A. Bisen, defendant A. Kireev, victim M. Sandybaev, witnesses A. Zhakenova and R. Utegenov, bailiff D. Ahmediev, and the criminal journalist A. Dartaev did not just fulfill their roles, but plunged into the professional environment, reflecting all nuances during the trial in accordance with criminal law.

Summing up the results of the educational court, A.N. Konyakhin noted that the university provided students with the powerful material base and the excellent courtroom, giving them the opportunity to work out practical skills. “We did not have such opportunities when we were students,” he noted. Artem Nikolaevich said the third and fourth year students, undergraduates about the criminal process with a farewell statement: “It does not apply to student practice negligently. In institutions and enterprises where you are undergoing practical training, there is an objective, constant turnover rate. However, no one wants to hire random people at work, so employers are looking at trainees. When students come to me to practice, I also do, and then I can recommend you to notaries as promising, creative and executive professionals.

The theory without practice does not exist, when my professional activity began, I also did not know how and what to say at the court hearing, when to submit petitions, how to speak in debates. Hold on to any legal practice; acquire diverse knowledge, not only legal. In addition, as my mentor once told me, surround yourself with successful people, standing higher in status than you do, in order to rise to their level. ”

Tatyana Alimpieva,

Assistant professor

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova