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The system of dual education is implemented in the production

In order to strengthen the theoretical knowledge of students in the branch of the Department of Biology of the University of Zhubanov, which is based on the “City Station of Young Naturalists” was organized the laboratory lesson in analytical zoology. The practical practitioner of the city institution A.S. Akhmetova and the senior lecturer of the department of biology A.M. Abdukarimov organized the lesson; also, the students of the second course took part in this event.

The goal of the lesson was to form and improve the professional skills of future biologists. During the lesson were considered the adaptations and changes in the structures of various vertebrates on the example of certain animals. In addition, the lesson participants described in detail the varieties of aquarium fish (barb, scalar, cichlidter, etc.), reptiles (eagles), birds (steppe eagles, parrots, and pigeons), mammals (rabbits, hamster). Such laboratory classes play the important role in raising the qualifications of young specialists and shape the interest of young people in wildlife, say the organizers.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova