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The discussion of entering of IT-technologies in the educational process

November 30, 2018 in the framework of the methodical week of the university was organized the training on the topic of “The use of digital educational resources in the educational process” by the associate professor of the department “Oil and Gas Business”, Ph.D. Zhubandykova Zheniskul Umirtaevna».

The purpose of the training was the development and improvement of professional IT-competencies of teachers, the introduction of innovative IT-technologies in the educational process.

The members of technical faculty attended the training. During the training were considered, two modules: the first module aims was to familiarize with the strategic directions in the field of informatization of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the best practices in implementing IT innovations in education. In the second module were considered the main trends in the development of information technologies; methods and methods of conducting training with the wide use of new ICTs; selection criteria and the main characteristics of software and hardware training, general application simulators, protection and control systems, digital educational resources.

Listeners took the active part in the implementation of practical tasks; the work was carried out in micro groups. After studying the regulatory framework for the introduction of IT technology in the educational process and studying the theory, were carried out the number of practical tasks in order to identify the level of students’ knowledge of the IT technologies regulating the field of activity IT and IT industries; analysis of aspects of the use of IT technologies.

As an introduction to the educational process of new ICTs and automating the process of monitoring students’ educational achievements of students, the e-learning method based on the TurboSite program (TurboSite) was developed and proposed for use ”- the program for creating an electronic learning grid. The listeners also mastered the Plickers program for testing students’ knowledge based on IT technology.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova