Friday, March 24, 2023
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New knowledge – new ways of development

The management of Zhubanov University has initiated professional development for teachers and university staff. Within the framework of the XXIII annual winter school for teachers and employees of higher educational institutions, which started in AlmaU, our staff and teachers take an active part in various training courses, master classes and workshops.

The winter school is organized with the aim of transforming teachers in the development of new innovative products, and reloading managerial competencies of university staff.

On the individual choice of the participant, trainings were held on the following topics: “Restarting the pedagogical design of educational programs. Innovative technologies and methods in education”, ”Design – thinking of a modern university teacher”, ”Emotional intellect of the headmaster” ,”Effective syllabus of the day: concept, unpacking and packaging” ,”Toolbox of modern scientist: from A to Z”,”Action Research: upgrade teaching and learning”.

Each training helps participants to find their own pedagogical and managerial style, to determine the future professional and academic perspective. Thus, representatives of Zhubanov University learned about the skills that will be in demand in 2020, 10 future skills, future professions and much more.

Before the ending of the school, our teachers will also receive training in team building, body orientation and work with voice.

Training in the winter school will allow us to enrich our knowledge with our employees and use them in further work on the development of the university.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova