Thursday, February 22, 2024
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“Religion is a spiritual basis of education” is the topic of today’s meeting

Today the meeting with the head of “Ansar” Information and Analytical Center of the state institution Department for Religions affairs of Aktobe region Zhandaulet Suleymenov took place in K. Zhubanov ARSU. Pro-rector for Scientific and Innovative Work of the University Rakhym Agibayevich, the teaching staff and students of the University took part in the meeting aimed at the sphere of spiritual education.

The purpose of the event is knowledge of the history of religion, interpretation of its value and place in society, disclosure of religious literacy of young people, prevention of religious extremism, development of spiritual and moral education.

During the meeting the video on religion topic where the survey among youth about their relation to religion was conducted was shown. Following the results of this poll it was obvious that most of the interviewed people are leery to religion. Zhandaulet Otarbayevich asked the same question to the audience and learned their opinion. “The Kazakhs are religious people who have always adhered to Islam. The peculiarities of religious stereotypes which we see in modern society do not coincide with the religion which our ancestors honored. But nevertheless there is no difference between the religious orientation of our ancestors and the religious orientation which was accepted by modern society. In modern society there are negative branches which only hide behind religion. We are afraid of them. Comparing the old Quran book to the present one we will not find any difference, either in ayats, or in words”, said Zhandaulet Suleymenov.

“It is religious illiterate people, especially youth that are often captured by such negative tendencies. Considering these problems, we found out that the religious illiteracy is the main reason for it. The President’s Address says, “It is necessary to form the immunity against religious radicalism and the internal filter. It is perception only of the necessary information and rejection of the unnecessary one. From the psychological point of view negative tendencies achieve their goals by deceit”. One of “nine ways” can be wrong. Therefore it is always necessary to be alert”, he added.

During the meeting emergence and development of Islam, the culture of the Kazakh people, traditional religious values were discussed. In general the problem of terrorist acts in the modern world and interreligious conflicts in the society and also the ways of protection against the current nonconventional religious movement was touched upon.

Today’s meeting gave an opportunity to the students to increase trust to belief, to learn to avoid negative tendencies and to form their civic stand.