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Master class of Moscow professor

Today, Professor of Moscow State Art and Industry Academy named after S.G. Stroganova Larisa Zhelondievskaya conducted a master class for teachers of the “Design” department of the professional-creative faculty.

The master class was held on the topic “Modern design technologies of visual communications.” The professor shared her work experience and told about new-media visual communications. The teachers showed a keen interest in the current topic and asked their questions.

According to the approved plan in order to attract foreign specialists for 2018-2019, from 05.02 to 02.02.2019, Larisa Zhelondievskaya conducts classes for students of 2-4 courses on territorial branding. “This project is based on identifying the uniqueness of your region by means of design. I think that upon completion of the work we will get the concept of a unique project that will tell about the individuality of your territory, ”shared the professor.

According to her, the finished projects will be sent for consideration to both the leadership of the university and the leadership of the oblast.

It should be noted that Larisa Vladislavovna is a member of the Federal Educational and Methodological Association of Russia, and the expert of Rosobnadzor.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova