Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Training webinar for university staff

In connection with the transformation of the educational process in the transition to the “University 2.0” model, was held the training webinar at Zhubanov University with the participation of representatives of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. The webinar was actively attended by employees of the Information Technology Center (CIT), distance education technologies (DOT), the training department and the university’s admissions committee.

During the web conference, participants discussed the implementation of research and educational programs (model of a research university). This category determines the name of the model “University 2.0”, where the university is focused on education and research.

It should be noted that the first model is a regular university that implements educational programs. University 3.0 is a model of an entrepreneurial university, more typical of foreign universities. University 4.0 is the university whose

individual units (not all) have the resources and competencies to solve problems that cannot be realized at industrial enterprises.

The training webinar has become a platform for exchanging opinions and suggestions. Employees of two leading universities of the country noted the importance of such events to raise the level of the educational process.