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The updated education program

From 11-13 February 2019, an information group to clarify the issues of renewal in educational structures according to the new content of legal acts worked under the chair of the vice-rector for educational work of Zhubanov University B.S. Abenova.

B.S. Abenova described in detail the ways of planning and implementing the education service based on the academic policy of the university. In addition, the members of the working group are the director of the department for organizing the educational process, S.K. Bisheken and the head of the Educational and Methodological Department A.N. Kadirkulova told about the main aspects of the preparation of educational programs in accordance with the general rules of state mandatory standards of higher education. These are the principles of modular learning, the mutual logical connection of subjects, their systematicity and continuity.

The dean of the pedagogical faculty Zh.A. Zhusupova and the dean of the philological faculty G.K.Sadirova, who were trained at the Winter School of Almaty by the university management6, told about the use of IT-technology in the educational process,

The content and structure of education constitute the professional competence of the student, which in turn determines the quality of education. Therefore, new requirements in the formation of educational programs meets the needs of society for qualified and potential personnel, as well as the high quality of education.

Explanatory meetings were held at each faculty of Zhubanov University.

Educational and methodical department

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova