Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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The new level of KVN team

KVN Teams “Economy Class” and “Zhubanov kuramasy” of Zhubanov University met with the rector of the university Bauyrzhan Erdembekov after winning the regular games.

So, the team “Economy Class” after performing in the Final season of the republican KVN games from February 4-12, received a ticket to the Open League games in Astana.

In turn, “Zhubanov Oramasy” following the results of the games of the Republican KVN, which took place from February 11-18, will go to the competitions of the Republican Higher League.

After welcoming the team, the head of the university noted the special role of the game in the modern world. “KVN movement in our society is gaining momentum. After all, humor is an effective way to relax and solve complex problems. The ability to joke with light irony helps to extinguish conflicts and bring very important things to people,” said the rector.

In his speech, he also noted that KVN games promoted education of patriotism, citizenship, culture of behavior on stage and in society, the development of a sense of humor, as well as the ability to work in a team. The rector focused the attention of the meeting participants on the spiritual, moral, intellectual potential and social status that they receive while playing in KVN. During the meeting, Bauyrzhan Erdembekov instructed to make a stand of honor for the best students of the university.

Following the meeting, the players of the teams handed over letters to the rector of the University on behalf of the artistic director of the comedy theater Tursynbek Kabatov and the President of the Republican youth public association “Union of KVN of Kazakhstan” Eleuken Yesen.

Bauyrzhan Erdembekov thanked the guys for their active participation in the cultural life of the university and wished them further heights.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova