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Nice meeting with the poet

He is a propagandist of the heritage of the first Kazakh bard, poet Tabyldy Dosymov. He is a poet, an honorary citizen of the Inder district. He is the chairman of the Republican Foundation named after T. Dosymov, entrepreneur-philanthropist, poet Bizhan Kalmaganbetov.

The meeting with Bizhan Kalmaganbetov was held today at the philological faculty of Zhubanov University under the name “Suygulik Omіr”. The main purpose of the event was aimed at wide acquaintance with the poetry and creative heritage of Bizhan Kalmaganbetov.

The rector of the university, Bauyrzhan Erdembekov, spoke with the opening remarks. He noted that the literary activity of the poet is a good example for university students.

On behalf of the head of the department of internal policy of Aktobe oblast B. Eleusinov, the words of respect were expressed by his deputy Aybek Kupenov.

The evening continued in the format of an open conversation with the poet. The audience was filled with fans of literature and poetry. After all, everyone was in a hurry to listen to the works performed by Bizhan Kuanyshkereevich.

Students of the faculty Camilia Shetei, Galym Begenov, Gulmayra Ischanova also read poet’s poems. And the works of poet Tabyldy were executed by the students of Isatay Izbasar, Bakytybai Islam.

At the meeting, Bizhan Kuanyshkereevich stressed that his main responsibility is to make a deeper propaganda of Tabyldy’s poetry to the younger generation. “Tabyldy was a multifaceted personality who made

a huge contribution to the modernization of traditional Kazakh art. He earned the respect of the people with his talent, ”said the poet.

During the event, students asked their questions to the guest of honor and shared their opinions.

By the way, Bizhan Kalmaganbetov expressed his gratitude for the meaningful meeting.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova