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Scientific conference for young researchers

The oblast scientific-practical conference “Araily Aktobe – Tugan Olkem!” Dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Aktobe city and the Year of Youth gathered more than 60 applications for participation. Pupils of 8-10 classes of city schools took part in the conference. Note that the regional conference was organized by the department of “Geography and tourism” of the university together with the city tourism station.

During the conference, participants made presentations on topical issues of local history, history of their native land and tourism development. Particular emphasis was placed on the direction “Shezhіre tyngan-kyt meken”, which provides extensive information on the development of mass tourism, studying the impact of tourism campaigns on health and the role of new tourist routes in their native lands.

According to the results of the oblast conference, young researchers were awarded special prizes and certificates. And the jury members were handed letters of thanks on behalf of the rector of Zhubanov University.

І. The direction: local history, ecology and tourism:

1. Tugan olke – tyngan tarih

І place – Erbolat Darkhan;

Second place – Suiyinkali Zhuldyz;

Albekov Alikhan;

Amangeldi Aruzhan.

Third place – Marat Nuraray;

Kayyrbek Aidana;

Baymurat Asylzat, Mukhambetzhanov Erbakyt.

2. Tylsym tabigat

І place – Bakytkerey Khayyrkhafiz, Aynur Duissenbaeva.

2nd place – Kuttygul Dilnaz;

Nukeeva Aisha;

Third place – Alvin Zaripova.

3. Shezhire tyngan – kyt meken

І place – Syr Rinat

Second place – Zhenisova Dilnaz, Tagbergenova Louise

Third place – Absitova Sabina, Akhmetova Rosa.

ІІ. Direction “Tugan olke sokpaktary”

І place – Mambetova Zhansaya, Kosheter Damir.

Second place – Ibraeva Aruana, Zhienbaeva Tomiris.

The third place – Zeinollaeva Ayzere, Zeinollaeva Aida;

Zhetpisova Zarina, Shugaeva Amin;

Rakhatova Nurkhayat, Nurlybai Gulnara.

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova