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Congratulations to the winners of the Scientific Week

According to the results of the scientific competition «Ғылым қайнары»:

1st place – Burumbayev Azamat Galimzhanovich (6М070900 – Metallurgy, 1 course)

Project name: “Evaluation of TEP remelting dust from crushing high-carbon ferrochrome at VUVH in a DC-type DC-type arc furnace”.

Scientific advisers: B.S.Kelamanov, A.A.Ersayinova

2nd place – Askhat Asylbekovich Romankulov (6M060200 – Computer science, 1 course);

Project Name: Laser cutting simulation using digital software control.

Scientific adviser: M.M. Erekesheva

3rd place – Saylauov Meirambek Alpamysovich (5В070900 – Metallurgy, 3 course)

Project name: Development of a technology for smelting low-carbon ferromanganese using poor manganese ores and complex aluminum-silicon-manganese containing alloy.

Scientific adviser: D.Esengaliyev.

The title of “Best Faculty – 2018” became the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. The department “Pre-school and special education” won in the category “Best Department – 2018”.

In order to promote research and development, in the category “Best Department”:

1st place – Metallurgy Department;

2nd place – Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics;

3rd place – Department of “Pedagogy, psychology and primary education.”

Isakova Sabira Sagynbekovna (Faculty of Philology) became the winner in the nomination “The Best Scientist – 2018”

Kelamanov Bauyrzhan Satybaldyevich (technical faculty) became the winner In the nomination “The Best Young Scientist – 2018”

Suleymanov Begdulla Zhalkasbaiuly (2-year student in the specialty “Physics”) became the winner in the nomination “The Best Undergraduate – 2018”

In order to advance research work (among undergraduates):

1st place – Aidana Amantaevna Nurmukhanova (6M060400 – Physics, 2nd year);

2nd place – Kartzhan Narkozy Esengeldievich (6M020500 – Philology, 2nd year);

3rd place – Zhenisbekova Zhanar Zhanibekovna (6M010300 – Pedagogy and Psychology, 1st year).

Mukhambetzhan Tumar Serikovna (5В060400 – Physics, 3 year) became the winner in the nomination “Best Student – 2018”

In order to promote research works (among students):

1st place – Begeeva Gulnur Zholdybaiқzyna (5В050800 – Accounting and Audit, 3rd year);

2nd place – Zhumabayeva Zhuldyzai Maksatovna (5B070900 – Metallurgy, 4th year) and Zeynollaeva Ayazhan Kanzharbaevna (5B012100 – Kazakh language and literature in non-Kazakh language schools, 4th year);

3rd place – Nasumov Nurzhan Zhaishylykovich (5В021000 – Foreign Philology, 2nd year), Abilkhai Zhadyra Ibragimovna (5B011400 – History, 3rd year) and Ali Azamat (5B060100 – Mathematics, 4 year).

In the 2018-2019 academic year, 37 scientific unities function at the university. The student club “24 Element” (Technical Faculty) was recognized as the best;

1st place – Plant World (Faculty of Natural Sciences);

2nd place – IT Club (Faculty of Physics and Mathematics);

2nd place – MidMar Marketing Development Center (Faculty of Economics and Law);

3rd place – Tourist and religious studies (Faculty of History);

3rd place – Current issues of linguistics and translation in multilingual education (Faculty of Foreign Languages);

3rd place – Applied art and computer graphics (professional and creative faculty).

Translation by Akbota Ormanbekova